Due to their non-conductive nature, plastics have a tendency to build up static electricity.  Some problems associated with static discharge are damage to sensitive electrical components, static cling in handling, and attraction of dust/dirt to products where cleanliness is critical.  Addition of antistats to plastics during processing (for example, when extruding blown film) can create plastic articles that dissipate static electricity, preventing static build-up and reducing the potential for damaging static discharge.  Durastat® products impart electrical performance properties meeting Military Specification B 81705-C.  Durastat products are amine-free, suitable for use with various resins, and possess unusually long retention of the antistatic properties.

Durastat LD-100 and Durastat LD-120 are designed for film and sheet applications to reduce static build-up.  One of the most common uses for Durastat products is in the manufacture of polyethylene film and bags.  Antistat bags are useful for transporting and packaging items that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge.  These bags are commonly colored pick to identify that antistat is present in the bag, so we offer Durastat in clear and pink colored versions.