Endura products from PMC Polymer Products are plastic compounds and masterbatches formulated with brominated flame retardant systems.

Endura flame retardant masterbatches are pelletized flame retardant concentrates that allow plastics processors to create flame retardant plastics from unmodified resins.  Simply add Endura flame retardant masterbatch to resin during processing to modify the resin into a flame retardant plastic.  Good dispersion is the key to maximum performance from flame retardant additives and the flame retardant ingredients in our Endura concentrates are pre-dispersed and thoroughly wetted by the carrier resin. This results in improved flame retardancy and physical properties, and often lower loadings when compared to free powders.  Material handling is simplified with free-flowing, non-bridging Endura concentrates that can be transferred easily with pneumatic conveyors.  Plastics processors who use pelletized concentrates rather than dry powders also benefit from a cleaner plant with less housekeeping, reduced employee dust exposure, and fewer raw materials to inventory.

PMC Polymer Products offers a wide range of Endura flame retardant products.  If one of our current Endura products is not optimized for your application, PMC Polymer Products has the unmatched expertise to work with customers to develop custom formulations that meet unique application requirements.