Many of our polymer compounds and polymer masterbatches originate from when customers reach out to us and ask for help with plastics processing problems that they’re struggling to solve or improving the performance of their plastic parts.

Through customer product development with our knowledgeable chemists and engineers, PMC Polymer products have solved problems relating to:

  • meeting or exceeding flammability ratings (e.g., UL94, ASTM E84) for specific applications
  • increasing manufacturing (e.g., injection molding, extrusion) efficiency
  • improved product properties (e.g., strength, impact) for downstream users

Whatever the reason, we embrace the tough challenges that plastics processors and OEMs bring to us. We don’t view these as problems, but opportunities for us and our customers to separate ourselves from the competition.

Where other compounders may try to force-fit one of their existing products to customer applications, we pride ourselves on first understanding the problem and then developing an optimized solution.  We always maintain customer confidentiality, and custom-developed products are commercially available only to the customer that we partnered with during development.

What’s your challenge? Give us the opportunity to partner with you and develop customized products to your most challenging problems. Need more proof? See how we’ve helped others or contact us to review your project needs.