The Opportunity

A customer approached PMC Polymer Products regarding IR HIPS compound for a large injection molded part. This part design was difficult to mold due to its complex design and required a consistent color to be acceptable in the application. This customer had unacceptable splay that resulted in a high reject rate, and the molder's attempts at optimizing molding conditions were not enough to improve yield to a satisfactory level, resulting in wasted money in scrap material and lost time on a fully-scheduled injection molding line.

The Approach

PMC Polymer Products visited the customer to observe the issues first-hand and better understand their manufacturing process. PMC offered molding recommendations to optimize further molding, but the reject rate was still too high for the customer.
PMC immediately began work looking for a solution through reformulating the compound. A designed lab experiment of different base resins and additives resulted in formulations that provided a matrix of varying compound mold-ability and part properties. The best formulation was identified based on the customer's cost performance criteria.
PMC Polymer Products then produced a production-scale sample of 1000 lbs for a full-scale molding evaluation at the customer.

The Outcome

The molding trial was successful, and the customer eventually switched to the new formulation to mold parts meeting the performance and quality standards they required. Not only did the new formulation result in parts with improved appearance, but the net cost per part was lower with the decrease in scrap rate.

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