The Opportunity

Our customer is a global supplier of construction products, with their product offering ranging from non-flame retardant building products to building products meeting some of the most challenging flammability standards in the world. The customer wanted a flame retardant additive that they could add “on demand” to their manufacturing process which would provide the desired amount of flame retardancy.

The Approach

The ability to select different levels of flame retardancy while minimizing the amount of raw materials in inventory is an ideal situation for using a flame retardant masterbatch. We worked with our customer to optimize the masterbatch to meet the most stringent FR standard at higher loadings, and also meet the less stringent FR standards at lower loading.

The Outcome

The customer can meet the required flammability standards by adjusting the loading level of flame retardant masterbatch provided by PMC Polymer Products. Use of this FR masterbatch allows the customer to switch “on-demand” between non-flame retardant products and flame retardant products, while minimizing raw material inventory and overall raw material cost.