Unique Applications

Even if you don’t see your application listed on the PMC Polymer Products website, please contact us to discuss. Many of our products are custom designed after working with our customers for their unique applications.  Plastics are used in so many ways, our customers continue to impress us with their creativity and we appreciate the opportunity to work with them in developing new products together.


Custom Compounding

PMC Polymer Products supplies plastic compounders with additive masterbatches to simplify their formulations, eliminate powder handling challenges, and improve feeding accuracy of micro-ingredients where the overall loading level of an additive is relatively small. Our most popular masterbatches are highly loaded with brominated flame retardant and/or antimony trioxide, but we also have the expertise and manufacturing capability to produce custom masterbatches based on your formulation requirements. In designing new masterbatch products, we select carrier resins compatible with your plastic resin system to ensure good dispersion of additives.

Our top-tier scientists, highly trained technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment combine to provide industrial manufacturing capabilities unmatched in the industry. Farrel Continuous Mixers (FCM) providing powder loading levels up to 90 percent are utilized as are single and co-rotating twin screw extruders. We can handle pellets, powders, and liquids, offer various pellet cuts and packaging options. We would be happy to confidentially discuss your specific needs.


Pipe, Profile & Tubing

Plastics are the material of choice for many pipe applications because plastic pipes are low cost, easy to install, and durable. Some plastics (such as polyethylene and polypropylene) are not inherently flame retardant, the addition of flame retardants can be required to meet code requirements for certain indoor installations, or applications such as marine.


Glass Interleavants

When glass manufacturers stack sheets of flat glass together, the glass can be damaged during storage and transportation.  Treating glass sheets with glass interleaving powder protects glass sheet from scratch damage and prevents glass sheets from strongly sticking to adjacent sheets. PMC Polymer Products manufactures different grades of glass interleaving powder, such as PB-6293-30MA which is a blend of acrylic powder and adipic acid. Please contact us for our recommendation to meet your application needs.



The use of plastics in automotive continues to grow as a way to reduce vehicle weight and cost. Frequently the plastic resins used in automotive will require some modification to improve performance, such as UV stability, flame retardancy, or increasing stiffness.  PMC Polymer Products offers a wide range of fully formulated compounds and additive masterbatches that are tailored to improve plastic resin performance in automotive applications.