PMC Polymer Products

America’s Masterbatch & Compounding Experts

At PMC Polymer Products, our passion is innovation. But our goal is to provide innovative solutions for our customers. We offer an industry-leading combination of experience, expertise and flexibility that allows us to work with you to develop custom formulations that meet your exact requirements.

As North America’s largest supplier of flame retardant masterbatches, we specialize in the design and development of additive masterbatches and flame retardant compounds.

Featured Products

Flame Retardant Masterbatches

Specially formulated for ease-of-use, our Endura® masterbatch technology ensures maximum performance – improving overall flame retardancy as well as the physical properties of your end product.

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Anti-Static Masterbatches

Our high-performance Durastat® static dissipative masterbatches are suitable for use with polyethylene and possess unusually long retention of antistatic properties.

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Avantra® IRHIPS

We offer the broadest range of ignition resistant high-impact polystyrene (IRHIPS) in North America, including television cabinets, business machine enclosures, electronic instruments and appliance components.

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Custom Compounds

Consistency to your exact requirements is crucial. PMC Polymer Products has put sizable capital investment into our plant to ensure every customer specification is met with every run.

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Specialty Polyolefin Compounds

Our specialty polyolefins are used in a wide variety of applications including stationary battery housings, semiconductor wet-benches and equipment, air fresheners, seating, and construction materials

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Stabilizer Masterbatches

Our masterbatch technology ensures maximum performance for custom formulations that meet your exact requirements.

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