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At PMC Polymer Products, you are NEVER limited to off-the-shelf products. Our scientists specialize in developing custom polymers that meet your exacting specifications. Our industry-leading combination of experience, expertise, and flexibility makes compromise a thing of the past. While PMC Polymer Products offers a wide range of outstanding masterbatches and polymer compounds, for most of our customers, these products are just the starting point. For our customers, “standard” simply doesn’t get the job done. So our experts have the know-how, experience, and equipment to develop a solution that does.

When your product’s physical requirements need a combination of properties that simply isn’t available, we’ll develop it for you.

With top-tier scientists, highly trained technicians and industrial manufacturing capabilities unmatched in the plastics industry, PMC Polymer Products develops custom formulations using polyolefins, styrenes, polyamides, and polyester – all according to each customer’s unique, exacting specifications.

Ask the Experts

We are focused on being responsive and providing the highest level of customer service. Whether it be a request for literature, advice on formulating a new FR compound or a rush shipment our goal is to be there for you.

Featured Solutions

Custom Product Development

Other compounders may try to force-fit one of their existing products to customer applications, we pride ourselves on first understanding the problem and then developing an optimized solution.

Anti-Static Masterbatches

Our high-performance Durastat® static dissipative masterbatches are suitable for use with polyethylene and possess unusually long retention of the antistatic properties.

Flame Retardant Masterbatches

Specially formulated for ease-of-use, our Endura® masterbatch technology ensures maximum performance – improving overall flame retardancy as well as the physical properties of your end product.

Flame Retardant Compounds

Consistency to your exact requirements is crucial. We've put sizable capital investment into our plant to ensure every customer specification is met with every run.

Stabilizer Masterbatches

Our masterbatch technology ensures maximum performance for custom formulations that meet your exact requirements.

Our Brands

From flame-retardant compounds and masterbatches to glass interleaving powders, visit here to get acquainted with our family of product brands.

Research & Development

Our scientists and engineers are available to assist you in developing custom formulations that meet your specific needs. Click the button below to send a question directly to our experts.



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What Our Customers Say

  • Research & Development

    “We rely on PMC for technical expertise in fire retardant plastics.”


    Ontario, Canada

  • “Outstanding customer service.”



  • “PMC Polymer Products Company is consistently one of the best performing suppliers based on our semi-annual supplier scorecards.”

    Plastics Processing Company

    North Carolina

  • Durastat

    “For years, we have counted on PMC Polymer Products for essential raw materials.”

    Film Extruder

    New Jersey

  • Compounds

    “A trusted supplier with regard to fire- smoke and burn testing protocols for plastics.”



  • Matrix of Mold-ability

    “Impressive facility, people and capabilities.”



  • Durastat

    “Dependable, consistent product quality.”

    Food Packaging Manufacturer


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