When microbes come into contact with unprotected plastics, there is the potential for stains, odors, and even product degradation. To protect your plastic parts against bacteria, mold or mildew, PMC Polymer Products™ has partnered with Microban® to offer versatile, customized antimicrobial additive solutions. Microbes don’t stand a chance when Microban technology is infused into compounds
We attended the Fire Retardants in Plastics 2016 conference and saw several interesting technical talks pertaining to flame retardants. One talk focused on how more environmentally-friendly polymeric flame retardants are replacing HBCD flame retardant. This is a timely topic as North American insulation manufacturers are moving away from HBCD in polystyrene foam insulation applications. Please
Polymer Products is proud to announce its recertification to the ISO9001 Standard. As always, we look forward to providing our customers with quality products that consistently exceed expectations. Certification standards in organizations aren’t usually something most people care much about, but we at PMC Polymer Products are certainly proud of our recertification to the prestigious
At PMC Polymer Products, custom formulation is our specialty. Our expertise and laboratory equipment are second to none. When formulating additives into plastics, however, it is not always possible to obtain all of the desired physical properties. In such instances, it is occasionally necessary to determine whether certain trade-offs can be made regarding the properties. The earlier in