The leader in formulated flame retardant masterbatches.

When your polymer must be flame-retardant, PMC Polymer Products has the masterbatch expertise to make it happen. PMC Polymer Products is the largest supplier of flame retardant masterbatches in North America. We produce complete flame-retardant systems as well as Antimony Oxide masterbatches.

Specially formulated for ease-of-use in a wide range of polymer applications, our master batch technology ensures maximum performance – improving overall flame retardancy as well as the physical properties of your end product.

You can choose Endura® flame retardant masterbatches when you need quality, consistency and leading-edge performance from your flame retardant systems. In addition to a wide range of Endura® flame retardant masterbatch applications, PMC Polymer Products has the unmatched expertise to work with you to develop custom formulations that meet your unique requirements.

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Why Masterbatches?

  • Improved Properties – Good dispersion is the key to maximum performance from flame-retardant additives. The flame retardant ingredients in our masterbatches are pre-dispersed and thoroughly mixed with the carrier resin. This results in improved flame retardancy and physical properties. In many cases, this results in lower loadings when compared to free powders.
  • Cleaner, Improved Material Handling – Using masterbatches rather than dry powders means a cleaner plant with minimal housekeeping effort. Dust exposure is greatly reduced with masterbatches, as material handling is simplified with free- flowing, non-bridging materials that can be transferred easily with pneumatic conveyors.
  • More Efficient Production – Masterbatches increase efficiency through higher production rates, less power consumption, higher yields and less abrasion and equipment wear.
  • Safer – Using our Flame Retardant Masterbatches eliminates employee exposure hazards associated with some powders and liquids. Your employees can focus on your end product.

Processing Tips

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Ask the Experts

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