About PMC Polymer Products

Our Company

PMC Polymer Products is a specialty compounder located in Stockertown, Pennsylvania, USA. We process a wide range of polymer resins and additives, but we are best known in the plastics industry for compounding flame retardant compounds and flame retardant masterbatches.

As an independent compounder we are not integrated with specific polymer resins or flame retardant technologies, so we are unbiased in developing flame retardant solutions for our customers.

Our flat organizational structure and quick decision making give us an advantage in speed to market while delivering on the other expectations of our customers: performance, price, quality, on-time delivery, etc.

PMC Polymer Products is a certified minority supplier. PMC Group has been ranked the fifth (5th) largest minority supplier in the plastics industry by Plastics News.

Our History

PMC Polymer Products (also known by our legal entity name: Polymer Products Company, Inc.) is a subsidiary of PMC Group, a global specialty chemicals company. The history of our manufacturing site in Stockertown, Pennsylvania dates back to late 1930’s when the plant began manufacturing pigments. PPG Industries purchased the site in 1978, and while owned by PPG Industries the plant streamlined its manufacturing to polymer compounding and glass interleaving powders. The origins of PMC Group began in 1994 when PMC acquired the business from PPG Industries. Other acquisitions by PMC Polymer Products include Avantra® brand ignition resistant HIPS from BASF and Zyntar® brand ignition resistant HIPS from Nova Chemicals.

Our Philosophy

At PMC Polymer Products, our passion is innovation. But our goal is to provide innovative solutions for our customers. We specialize in the design and development of polymer compounds and masterbatches. For more than 30 years, PMC Polymer Products has been developing state-of-the-art property extending technologies for thermoplastics. We offer an industry-leading combination of experience, expertise, and flexibility that allows us to work with you to develop custom formulations that meet your exact requirements.

We service our global customer base through a dedicated sales team and worldwide network of distribution partners and representatives.

As a member of PMC Group, our dedication to quality begins with our technology and extends through our production processes and our customer service. Our quality systems are registered to the ISO 9001 standard. Our product development laboratories are capable of extensive product characterization, end-use testing, and simulation of our customers’ processes. These capabilities allow us to develop new products which will best meet our customers’ needs.