PMC Polymer Products is North America’s largest supplier of flame retardant masterbatches and compounds in a wide variety of thermoplastic resins. We offer an industry-leading combination of experience, expertise and flexibility that allows us to work with you to develop custom formulations that meet your exact requirements or supply standard UL listed compounds or concentrates. From membrane or artificial slate roofing to siding and decking, trust PMC Polymer Products to solve your flame retardant or additive concentrate needs.


  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Decking & Railing
  • Fence
  • Films
  • Piping & Ventilation
  • Wire & Cable
  • XPS (extruded polystyrene) foam


  • Additive masterbatches
  • Halogenated flame retardants compounds and masterbatches
  • Non-halogenated flame retardant compounds and masterbatches
  • Static-dissipative masterbatches

Ask the Experts

We are focused on being responsive and providing the highest level of customer service. Whether it be a request for literature, advice on formulating a new FR compound or a rush shipment our goal is to be there for you.