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At PMC Polymer Products, we adhere to a strict philosophy of building quality assurance into the manufacturing process. That starts with labs certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and includes sizable capital investments in our plant to guarantee consistency to customer specifications.

Our customers trust us to adhere to their strict specifications because they know we test materials during every stage of production. Unlike some in the plastics industry, we are able to perform continuous testing because our testing is conducted on-site.

Here is a partial list of testing that our customers have come to expect from PMC Polymer Products:

Instron Instrument

Measure tensile strength (& elongation) - stretch until bar breaks

Flex Modulus

Resistance to bending

Izod Impact

Measure resistance to breaking

XRF Spectrophotometer

Measures chemical components via elemental analysis to assure proper composition to meet customer’s requirements. Used to monitor flame retardant chemicals in products.

Specific Gravity

Used to aid in measuring level of components in products. Number relates directly to densities of materials used to make products.


Uses reference standards to meet the customer’s exact “color matching” for his product.

Convection Oven

Used to dry a known amount of sample to determine moisture content (weighing before and after). “Loss on Drying”.

Nitrogen Analyzer

Measures nitrogen content of a material. We use this to measure the level of antistatic “active” compound in our product.

Muffle Furnace

For measurement of inorganic content in compounds and masterbatches.

Melt Index

Products of correct make-up will have characteristic flow properties when heated. Affected by the type of plastic used and materials compounded into the resin.


Heat Distortion Temperature/Vicat Softening Temperature: Gives an indication of the temperature at which a part begins to soften or bend under weight.

Electrostatic Testing for Anti-Stat and Conductive Products

Measure electrical surface resistance of product. Critical for performance when letdown to make film for anti-static bags (Example: computer parts bags). Products are designed not to allow for build-up of static charge.


UL standard for testing flammability of plastic materials

Smoke generation

AMINCO smoke density chamber for relative comparison of smoke development


Laboratory-scale compounding equipment for preliminary product development formulating.

Sterling Extruder

1” single-screw extruder for small-scale lab letdowns of concentrates.

Killion Blown Film Tower

Used for preparation of films for testing of flame retardant and antistatic masterbatches.

Toshiba 85 Ton Injection Molding Machine

Used for the preparation of ASTM Test bars.
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