PMC Polymer Products antimony oxide masterbatches insure your product has the most robust flame retardancy while guaranteeing you ease of handling and – most importantly – minimized exposure. To view any of our Technical Data Sheets, just click on a Resin Family option, and the appropriate TDS will be emailed to you immediately.

Antimony Oxide Concentrates

Resin FamilyProductCarrier ResinAntimony Oxide wt %
PVC and Compatible ResinsEVACO 80EVACO80
Thermoplastic PolyesterPBT 80PBT80
Polyethylene and Compatible ResinsPE 85LDPE85
PolypropylenePP 80PP80
PolystyrenePS 70HIPS70
EVA and Compatible ResinsEVA 85EVA85
Nylon (Polyamides)NY 70Nylon 670