PMC Polymer Products high-performance static dissipative masterbatches are suitable for use with polycarbonate and possess unusually long retention of the antistatic properties. If you would like to view any Technical Data Sheet for our Durastat® products, please click on a product name, and one will be emailed to you instantly.

ProductMil Spec B-81705CNon-AmineBlown & Cast FilmExtrusion & Co-ExtrusionInjection MoldingHigh Thermal StabilityAntiblockFlame Retardant
PMC Group, inc. and PMC Polymer Products, Inc. do not warrant the applicability of these products in any end-use applications. Customers must determine the suitability of any product in their application.

Typical Properties

PropertyUnitsTest MethodLD-100*LD-120*
Specific Gravityg/cm2ASTM-D-7921.021.02
Electrostatic Decaysec.Mil-Spec B-81705C0.60.6
Surface ResistivityOhms/sqASTM D-257<1012<1012
Typical Letdown for Mil Spec B-81705-C%PPC Method4-64-6
Flame RetardancyNFPA-701N/AN/A
Surface FlammabilityASTM D-162N/AN/A
Flame Spread, Smoke, Optical DensityASTM D-662N/AN/A
* Values obtained after 48 hours at 12% relative humidity on 2 mil LDPE film with a 6% concentration of Durastat®.

Polycarbonate Stress Performance

ProductUnitsFilm ThicknessLoading73°F120°F158°F185°F
LD-100psi2 mil3%>3400>340017001700
LD-120psi2 mil4%>3400>340017001700