We are looking forward to participating once again in the Compounding World Forum. This year’s second annual event will be held at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel December 9 and 10. Organized by Applied Market Information (AMI) and Compounding World magazine, last year’s inaugural Compounding World Forum brought more than 230 attendees from 140 different companies
At PMC Polymer Products, we use the best available analytical tools to monitor and confirm that our products meet the requirements critical for our customer’s end use. Having the correct, consistent level of additives we compound are at the core of our technology. To meet this need we utilize X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (XRF). Our current
At PMC Polymer Products, we actively pursue the development of flame retardant (FR) compounds and highly loaded FR concentrates for many resin systems. We do this in concert with our customers and raw materials suppliers – our Product Development Teams are constantly involved in hands-on working relationships, working together to create and deploy unique, customer-specific

One week til Compounding World

Monday, 02 December 2013 by
The first-ever Compounding World Forum kicks off next week at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue. Will you be joining us there? PMC Polymer Products has decades of experience in custom compounding and masterbatch formulation, making this new forum an ideal platform for us to share our expertise with others in the industry. The conference is
With more than 20 years’ expertise in custom compounding and polymer masterbatch formulation, we wouldn’t miss the first-ever Compounding World Forum Dec. 10-11 in Philadelphia. This new conference will focus on new materials technologies and getting the most from compounding lines – two areas in which PMC Polymer Products excels. The conference will also feature programs
To further our commitment to high value customer service, we’ve just launched an innovative new website – specialtycompounds.com – that pinpoints key information about PMC Polymer Products’ compounding and custom formulation capabilities. We wanted to simplify, to directly connect our customers with the information they need, right at their fingertips. So specialtycompounds.com focuses specifically on
May was a busy month. I spent two days in Miami, Fla., at the Polymers in Cables Conference, followed by three days in Stamford, Conn., at the Annual Conference on Recent Advances in in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Materials. The annual Polymers in Cables Conference, organized by AMI, consisted of all-day presentations on various aspects
A TV commercial for a car company used to say “Quality is Job One.” I’m not sure why they stopped using that line, because I cannot imagine a manufacturing environment where Quality isn’t Jobs One through Five. At PMC Polymer Products, we adhere to a strict philosophy of building quality assurance into the manufacturing process.
One of the things I enjoy about being somewhat new to a company is getting to see for the first time what our customers see. That moment when you realize just how impressive your operation really is… it’s a great experience. And PMC Polymer Products’s manufacturing capabilities are nothing short of impressive. Our top-tier scientists,
Polymermasterbatches.com is a fairly small website, as far as websites go. But the sheer volume of technical information packed into this site is staggering! Think about this for a moment. Technical data on just about every master batch formula produced by the nation’s foremost master batch producer – and it’s all available for immediate download.